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194 cool things to do: A cartoon bucket list…

New sketches and uhm…”words of wisdom” (sure!) at my new domain: Found here: The Silent Sigh

If you enjoyed my cartoons in the past, please go and have a look at these as well.

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Little arrows…

Little arrows…

valentine's day scan

Another possible idea for Valentine’s Day
Yup..ok..so be it!
This year I’m also on the bandwagon and I figured it might just be damn good fun designing a few “corny” pics for the “occasion”…
The colored version is up there…right up there in the gallery!
I hope you like it!.
Until later!
Keep well!
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The colored version is posted on the comic gallery HERE

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It is relatively new and in dire need of some TLC from fellow bloggers :)

Dark Roasted

Experiences and thoughts converted to cartoons…

Dark Roasted … A bit of caffeine for the soul. I think I inherently designed these drawings to be like a few sips of espresso for the mind. I devised the words as well as the sketches.

All the sketches originate as pencil drawings that are inked at a later stage. Once scanned they are treated to varying degrees of “enhancement” by the Bamboo tablet and thus get a bit of TLC to make them presentable online whilst still retaining the original pencil-drawn look (I hope!).

These drawings and a few dozen others  are all on my domain blog: www.txtoons.com  as well.

Some new material will be posted there shortly! Like…as in … tomorrow! Yeah, tomorrow sounds good!

Thanks for coming over to this side of the universe to look at my interpretations of stuff I “see”. Experiences and thoughts converted to cartoons.

Until next time! Have a great week!


letting go






All Sorted


Sex, adventure, intrigue, mystery, suspense, tragedy and the corporate life…

A few months ago I set out to (finally) get started with my webstrip. Mentioned above are a couple of topics I thought worthy of exploring for a webcomic.
Sanity prevailed and I decided to stick to something I could write, and draw about. Something with enough material that could sustain a strip for a long period of time.
“How long must a comic be able to stay alive?” was a question I asked a couple of times. “As long as it needs to be” was the answer I came up with more than once.
But there is more to it… “As long as it remains fun”.
The good news is that I’ve done a dozen or so pages and I feel there is something in there I could share with people on the “www”.
I also sincerely hope and believe it will contribute something to those either familiar or unfamiliar with corporate life.
If I can generate one smile a day the site will be a success.


Trying to maintain two blogs has proven to be quite hectic, and in my case basically impossible. Due to various reasons I decided to move the webstrip over to a domain created specifically for that purpose.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog in the past, please be so kind as to follow it via the dotcom I created not so long ago.

Continued support will really be appreciated. Here is the link:


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Yet another “quotable quote” re-interpreted…

Eve …

Custom cartoons for a special person “who has everything”…

For the person whose significant other “has everything” … allow me to create an original birthday, anniversary or any other “special occasion” picture that you can either use as a card or use as a framed memento or gift. You receive the original as well as a nicely processed print-ready picture in color or B&W, or I can even have it framed for you! You can inbox me for details or pricing, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, I promise! I have some of those already.
A few paper notes or an electronic transfer of your small change will be quite sufficient!

Below are recent examples of what I’ve created. You can obviously choose your own words, type of picture, the general content and even the font, provided I have it!

So please don’t delay, although stocks are UNlimited!

Kind regards

Please contact me anytime at:


for requests, ideas or a general chat about a custom drawing!










Please contact me anytime at:


for requests, ideas or a general chat about a custom drawing!

To catch the wind… or paint the wind?

Phrases such as “catch  the wind”, “chase the sun”, “ride the wind”, “follow the sun” have been used liberally in movies, books and songs.

Who remembers “Catch the wind” as sung by 60s folk singer Donovan?

Quite often the concepts are cliches when used within a certain context, but what the heck, I love a good cliche!

When I saw the quote “paint the wind” my interest was piqued, a throwaway picture got a second lease of life, albeit in softer colors…

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my drawings.




Here’s an “oldie”, I was never quite happy with the hair, I made myself guilty of revamping the face a  bit…

The miracle of the drawing tablet is evident! Post production blues eventually remedied… I think!



(Maxwell Bodenheim (May 26, 1892 – February 6, 1954) was an American poet
and novelist who was known as the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians.)

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

This was written by Maya Angelou

I have to agree. During the course of the pas few months I’ve been mulling around the concepts and stories behind a few characters I intend to use in a type of “webcomic”.

Today the last few pieces of the puzzle seemed to click into place. AT LONG LAST!!!!

I will start off with 5 characters. The main characters have been sketched from all angles and in a few interesting poses. I reckon “repeatability” is quite important. I’m quite pleased with the main female character, perhaps this is some of the best work I’ve ever done. The emphasis will be on fluid lines and expression.

Recently I was rewarded with another epiphany as well: If you don’t enjoy doing what you are doing there is absolutely no sense in continuing. The new stories from a “different time” won’t be released just yet, I’m still enjoying the process of filling them out a bit. Why rush?

In the meantime, here are two “recent-ish” sketches pertaining to musical quotes.

I hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting my blog



[I almost neglected to mention that the second pic's quote was suggested by Hope*  . Please go and have a look at her blog as well!]

Cloud 9 coffee…

Do the better angels of your nature elude you before that first cup of coffee in the morning?

Today South Africans  celebrated “Heritage Day”.

I started my day by reconnecting with the tradition of  allowing hot water to drip over freshly ground beans and creating a sublime brew that lifted my mood almost instantaneously.

Theoretically tomorrow is “Monday” in light of today’s public holiday.

I hereby dedicate the drawing to all those who are starting their short(er) working week tomorrow…

Have a great week!

coffee for my angel?

coffee for my angel?


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